We are dedicated to developing the most effective and protective tracking and alerting solutions in the world. We provide a suite of remote monitoring solutions designed to provide reassuring protection when and where it’s needed most.

Key Technologies

Each SafeTrx solution is underpinned by the following systems:

SafeTrx wearable from Sony on a man's hand

IoT devices, sensors and smartphone applications

  • mSafety wearable from Sony - a locked down device, LTE-M and NB IoT enabled, multi-sensor compatibility

  • BLE wearable accessories
  • Integration with major smart home hubs, healthcare systems and IoT platforms such as Alexa and Samsung SmartThings
  • SafeTrx smartphone applications
Command & Control worker

Command & Control C2 monitoring platform

A single view of all your people. Intuitive rules-based dashboards, alerts and secure two-way messaging.

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Master Configuration

Capture only the data points that matter to you.

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Advanced Data Security

End-to-end encryption of user data.

Our Technology, Your Way

We want to protect people in all scenarios, so our technology is adaptable to your specific business needs.

Desktop, mobile and SafeTrx wearable
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You can use SafeTrx to build your own unique remote monitoring solution. Below is an overview of the current SafeTrx product offerings.

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Workplace Safety

As employers we have a responsibility to protect our worker’s welfare, even more so when they are operating in remote or high-stress environments. SafeTrx Protect ensures you and your employees are always connected wherever they are. Featuring real time data on the status and wellbeing of your employees allows you to respond quickly and prevent escalation of a critical emergency.

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Remote Management System
for Oncology Patients

The delivery of healthcare is moving towards digital health and remote patient monitoring. SafeTrx Care provides an innovative way for Oncology Clinics to monitor the health and well-being of their patients and gives greater access to patient symptoms such as temperature and blood pressure monitoring. The SafeTrx Care platform captures all the objective data which is then combined with the subjective patient reported data gathered by the Oncology Clinic for safe and remote disease screening, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, rehabilitation and treatment. Access to the combined data enables a timely and precise response by the medical staff and greatly enhances the quality of patient care.

Four people going in the ocean for surfifying


Search & Rescue

Outdoor sports enthusiasts put their lives at risk every time they go out to practice their sport. SafeTrx Active is a wearable tracking and alerting technology designed to take the search out of search and rescue. The adventurer’s status and well-being are accessible to the monitoring search and rescue organisation should the unexpected happen.

Multiple sailing boats in the water



The SafeTrx Maritime Platform is the world’s leading vessel registration, tracking and alerting solution for non-GMDSS vessels. Our solution, often referred to as mobile-AIS by our customers, provides Search and Rescue authorities with up-to-date situational awareness information, including tracking and distress alerting data, in a very easy to use monitoring console. It gives national SAR authorities a simple means of tracking and assisting inshore water users using cellular network technology.
With hundreds of thousands of downloads and thousands of rescue and assistance missions, the accuracy, reliability and robustness of our mobile tracking & alerting technology has been tried, tested and proven to perform, time and again.


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