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People around the world depend on SafeTrx technology to reduce risk and protect lives. From national SAR institutions to individual explorers, here’s what some of our clients have to say about SafeTrx.

For us, SafeTrx has been a truly useful tool, helping to pinpoint distress situations precisely so our crews can respond effectively.

Martin Fuhr Bolstad
Director of Digitalisation and Projects

The non-profit Swedish Sea Rescue Society has a strong reputation for innovation in maritime Search and Rescue and has chosen to proceed with the implementation of SafeTrx as part of that strategy. The SSRS will seek to use SafeTrx to help promote safe and responsible recreational boating on the Swedish coast and on the major inland lakes. We hope that SafeTrx will help to enhance safety for water users along Sweden’s long coastline, with its many archipelagos, as well as on many inland lakes.

Mikael Hinnerson
Head of Research and Development
Sjöräddningssällskapet (Swedish Sea Rescue Society)

With the full support of the MCA, the RYA SafeTrx app promotes enjoyable boating, a safe mind set and good practice. The software consulting company behind the development of SafeTrx, 8 West Consulting, is striving to make this the default technology for keeping the ordinary seafarer safer at sea. With that goal in mind, it is vital that the product continues to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Stuart Carruthers
Cruising Manager
Royal Yachting Association

SafeTrx gives rescue services access to data the skippers provide themselves as long as they are in range of a mobile network. In case of an emergency, the MRCC can use the stored data to support search missions. Sometimes the information we get on missing leisure boats is very poor. We are sure that SafeTrx can help to close this gap and will be of great support to locate people who need assistance, and it will minimise false alerts from family members that we often get if crews are overdue.

Udo Fox
Executive Director
German Maritime Search & Rescue Service

The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society has decided to enter into a cooperation with several other sea rescue organisations around the world in implementing the SafeTrx safety app for boaters. The excellent technology and the tight cooperation with other sea rescue organisations is key for us moving forwards with SafeTrx.

Martin Fuhr Bolstad
Norwegian Sea Rescue Society.

Safetrx is an international product with a solid reputation. It has been successfully used in other countries around the globe and we are excited to announce the launch of RSA SafeTrx. It is another tool that paddlers and small craft users can add to their safety equipment, which will help to take the search out of Search and Rescue.

Dr Cleeve Robertson
National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

When we learned about SafeTrx and its enormous benefits, we knew we had to bring it to the UK.

Stuart Carruthers
Cruising Manager
Royal Yachting Association

Around 50% of the incidents managed by the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency are related to leisure activities. Salvamento Marítimo SafeTrx can locate, track and monitor vessels in distress which are not required to have neither GMDSS equipment nor VTS systems, providing a new approach to deal with these kind of incidents. We are sure this application can play a significant role in improving safety in coastal waters!

Juan Luis Pedrosa
Spanish Maritime Safety Agency

When we receive an emergency call we need a huge amount of information fast. This app helps us access all your details, so that you can get a swifter response with the right resources. RYA SafeTrx uses real-time advanced technology. CG66 was just a database, but the new app allows users to do so much more, including summoning the Coastguard – which could save lives. The precise geolocation feature for example, allows the Coastguard to know where the caller is, an important consideration when the person in distress is unsure of where they are, disoriented, injured or unfamiliar with the area.

Richard Parkes
Director Of Maritime Operations & HM Coastguard
Maritime And Coastguard Agency

In 2018, our second full year of using SafeTrx, there have been 33 assistance calls initiated through the app. The amount has nearly doubled compared to the previous year. At the same time, the number has increased by 33%.

Jari Piirainen
The Finnish Lifeboat Institution

The SafeTrx app is a new milestone in maritime recreational safety.

Real Liga Naval Espanola

The SafeTrx application reinforces the Dubai Police strategy, to make Dubai safe and support the strategic plan for artificial intelligence. The SafeTrx application serves registered land and sea users within the Dubai application which exceeds two million users

Lt. Col. Engineer Hussein Bin Ghalaita Al Muhairi
Dubai Police

We’re delighted to join sea rescue organisations worldwide in bringing SafeTrx to Finland. Offering SafeTrx to our volunteers, members and boating community enhances Finnish Lifeboat Institute’s marine search and rescue services, ultimately improving safety along Finland’s coastline and inland lakes. As a proven maritime safety platform, we are confident SafeTrx can help reduce the risk of maritime accidents and the loss of human lives at sea in Finland.

Pertti Helaniemi
Vice Chairman Of The Board
Finnish Lifeboat Institute

Offering SafeTrx to our boating community enhances MRQ’s marine search and rescue services, ultimately improving safety along Queenslands 2,700km coastline. With tens of thousands of Sail Plans filed in Australia and other countries, the system is a proven solution in mobile vessel tracking.

Keith Williams
Marine Rescue Queensland

This new SafeTrx App has the potential to get our resources on-scene as quickly as possible which will in turn save lives.

Ray Campbell
National Commodore
Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

When did they set off? Where were they going? When were they due back? What was their last known location? These are all vital pieces of the puzzle and the Coastguard welcomes any system that can contribute to the information gathering effort. RYA SafeTrx will help provide this information, meaning that valuable time is not lost.

Keith Oliver
Head Of Maritime Operations
The Maritime Coastguard Agency

The KNRM (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution) is very pleased that the Dutch boating and surfing community adopted the Safetrx app “KNRM Helps” as a useful tool to make boating safer. We have contributed to the safety at sea by giving opportunities to be better prepared for activities in open water and at sea. By creating awareness to plan your boat trip and consulting checklist, VHF channels, harbour information, sea- and weather conditions, we prevent people to be surprised by unexpected circumstances. This also prevents our volunteer lifeboat crews to be alerted for needless accidents. And if fate strikes, the KNRM Helps app makes calling for help easier and the search and rescue far more effective.

Jacob Tas
KNRM (The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution)

This tool will save us so much time searching and locating, which has a positive impact on the effectiveness of the rescue teams, but it is not an alternative to VHF or emergency beacons which are mandatory equipment for vessels over a certain length.

Miguel Félix Chicón
Head Of Regional Rescue Coordination Centre In Palma

It is also for kayaking, fishing, windsurfing activities... vessels that don't carry a communication system. I know it through my work and whether I’m sailing or fishing, I activate it. It’s simple. Open the app: enter the time of departure, arrival and route. It is not trying to replace existing rescue tools. It's important to know that you are not alone.

Luis Gascón
Ibiza's Maritime Captain

Using this all the time now. Great resource for Sea Kayakers!

Brian M
Ireland (via Facebook)

However as I always like to say – what value do you place on your life? Personally, I think this is a really useful tool and great value for money, for your own piece of mind and that of your loved ones.

David Maxfield
Maritime Trainer And Skipper, Fin Deep Marine - Scottish Diver Magazine

This app, which can track vessels and help the coast guard respond if needed, is a very welcome development. I hope it will help avoid more heartache and tragedy.

Simon Coveney TD
Minister For Agriculture, Food & Marine

Having looked a little closer, what a good idea. I like to let someone know I've left port and ETA for my port of call. If there is no one to inform of plans I've told the Coast Guard in the past. As the CG are busy people this is a great way to keep watch while out cruising. Great value as well!

Dean S
UK (via Facebook)

The Irish Underwater Council have recommended the use of SafeTrx to its membership.

Dermot Moynihan
National Diving Officer, Irish Underwater Council

It is essential in the case of an emergency. Reacting to an emergency as soon as possible is critical to the prevention of loss of life, and there is no doubt that this app will save a lot of time searching and locating.

Juan Oliver
Palma De Mallorca

It’s able to locate you wherever you are, send a warning message and guide the rescue operation to your location. It has definitely automated something that was previously done manually, the old fashioned way. Now you can record what you’re going to do, where you’re going to arrive and who to contact if necessary. I carry my phone with SafeTrx running, in a waterproof bag in the zipped breast pocket of the life jacket. At all times, they know the last known location.

Luis Ballet

The SafeTrx app is a new milestone in maritime recreational safety.

Real Liga Naval Espanola

Just download the App, I urge that all those who navigate away from the coast, plan your trip with this, so if you run into any problems, it will notify your designated contacts automatically and search and rescue. I think that you should give great importance to this resource.

José H
(via Facebook)

I think it's a brilliant app. Tried it last weekend... The two best things are that if you actually do get in trouble they have your location already. And secondly, they don't waste manpower logging you on and even better, don't chase you if they see you back on land but not logged off.

Australia (via Ausfish.Com.Au Forum)

...a seriously handy app

Motorboats Monthly

A great safety app that we recommend

Mark P
Australia (via

I have used it this summer and it works beautifully!

Mariano De Y
(via Facebook)

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