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Each SafeTrx product is underpinned by cutting edge safety
technology making SafeTrx the most effective and protective
tracking and alerting solution in the world.


Behind the SafeTrx Atlas products; Protect, Care and Active is a platform that can consist of a set of technologies such as wearables, smartphone applications, BLE accessories and through a cloud interface can also be integrated with major IoT solutions such as Samsung SmartThings and Alexa.

Sensor, Phone, IoT device and back-end platform

The Key Technologies

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The mSafety wearable from Sony

The SafeTrx app on the mSafety wearable from Sony has a built-in 4/5G LTE-M cellular connectivity, so it’s continually connected in all environments without the need for pairing it with a smartphone. It features in-device sensors to monitor activity, heart rate, sleep and stress, and a GPS tracker to record accurate location data. The wearable is ideal for highly secure dedicated applications like SafeTrx Care, Protect and Active. It has class leading security and unique device management capabilities.

The wearable has built-in artificial intelligence to infer dangerous situations and trigger emergency alerts – providing reassuring protection even in the most high-risk environments. The mSafety wearable features ultra-low power consumption in a variety of modes thanks to an advanced LTE release 13 CAT-M1 chipset and power-efficient multicore controller. These features allow for a battery life of 7 days or more depending on the use case.

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SafeTrx Smartphone Applications

The SafeTrx iOS and Android smartphone applications provides you with a companion to the mSafety wearable from Sony. In markets where LTE-M is not available you can avail of similar Bluetooth connectivity to wearable sensors and have the convenience of using your own smartphone. The simple to use application is paired with the SafeTrx C2 monitoring platform and supports a number of Bluetooth sensors as well as having step count and location tracking capability.

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SafeTrx Wellbeing

SafeTrx has the capability to integrate with major IoT smart home solutions such as Alexa and SmartThings. For example the integration allows you to use Alexa voice commands to interact directly with the SafeTrx C2 monitoring platform. Alexa can be used as a digital buddy, a person can log their activity or feelings by saying a simple voice command ‘Alexa tell SafeTrx I feel 5 today’. The logged command is sent directly to the SafeTrx C2 platform so the monitoring organisation can respond accordingly and assist the person if needed.

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The interface

The key technologies underpinned by any of the SafeTrx products all transmit live data to the SafeTrx cloud platform. All data is end-to-end encrypted, secure and scalable. The SafeTrx platform displays this data to provide a single view of real-time and historical insights, instant streams of critical data and live user biometrics – so you not only know where people are, but how they are too.

The SafeTrx platform is cloud-based which enables easy software updates, onboarding of new devices. Dynamic updating of support connected devices is a key feature of the SafeTrx cloud platform allowing you to customise the system to suit the needs of your organisation.

The SafeTrx app on the mSafety wearable from Sony

  • Simple set-up and installation
  • Authentication / authorisation
  • Secure wearable communication (MQTT/TLS)
  • Remote device configuration
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Subscription management as a service
The mSafety wearable device features ultra-low power consumption in a variety of modes thanks to an advanced LTE release 13 CAT-M1 chipset, and power-efficient multicore microcontroller. These features allow for a battery life of 7 days or more in a reference case.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Client certificate/private key provisioning
  • Access authorisation to cloud APIs
  • Server & client are mutually authenticated, TLS1.2

Device Management Platform

  • AWS IoT core, configured for high security
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Device onboarding
  • Dashboard for subscription management
  • Remote device configuration
  • Over-the-air software updates for individuals, groups or whole fleets
  • Insights on users’ health status, behaviour and the device
  • Cloud API's for mSafety customers
SafeTrx wearable by Sony

Connected Wearable Device

  • Size 53,2 x 45,0 x 12,75 mm
  • Weight ca 30g
  • Ready-to-use eSIM, global roaming profile
  • Sensors - Accelerometer, GPS, Gyro, Heart Rate
  • 1.4 inch 160x160 pixel Monochrome OLED with touch + 3 HW keys
  • Water resistance IP68
  • Vibrator and buzzer for notifications

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