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Open Architecture

Flexible to your needs

Open architecture facilitates flexible third-party integrations

The SafeTrx Ecosystem is all about collecting data to provide additional safety and protection to its users. We don’t care where that data is from. If data is useful and accurate, we’re interested in using it.

While SafeTrx provides both hardware and software components and and we also have a set of 3rd party preferred devices and sensors, we also don’t lock clients into using our proprietary hardware or software like other solutions.

SafeTrx open architecture delivers the flexibility to support integration with a wide variety of external devices, sensors and data sources. This means additional data can be easily ingested, shared and processed by the SafeTrx system – providing the highest level of care and protection to your people.

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  • Existing third-party integrations to SmartThings and Alexa provide out of the box solutions for all supported platforms
  • Supplement core SafeTrx data with additional data points
  • Provide enhanced care and protection
  • Data sharing, processing and forwarding
  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Configurable to your needs

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